PFW Podcast 046: Analyzing offseason of Chargers and Panthers

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ESPN's Eric Williams and Bill Voth of join host Arthur Arkush to break down the offseasons of the Chargers and Panthers, respectively. How will rookie head coach Anthony Lynn juggle coaching and relocation? What can fantasy players hang their hats on in a Chargers offense with so many mouths to feed? And just how good can the Chargers' talented 'D' be in 2017? In Carolina, Voth shares the long list of focal points for Cam Newton as he attempts to shake off a disastrous 2016 and regain his 2015 MVP form, including the hybridization of Newton's offense with top pick Christian McCaffrey and second-rounder Curtis Samuel. Voth explains what the potential lightening of Pro Bowl LB Thomas Davis' load could mean for one of the league's better defenses. And will Newton and former Panthers icon Julius Peppers play nice in practice?

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