Carl Lawson
Round 3
Eventual Starter

Carl Lawson

  • Year: Redshirt Junior
  • Height: 6-1 3/4
  • Weight: 261
  • 40-Yard: 4.67
  • Arm: N/A
  • Hand: N/A

Strong Points

Good bulk and excellent strength to play OLB in a 3-4. Athletic and stays on his feet. Is explosive through the hips. Very good outside pass rusher. Can bull rush, use speed or moves. Shows he can dip and get under opponent. Shows strength and power at the point and can 2-gap a tight end. Instinctive and quick reacting. Seldom if ever loses contain

Weak Points

Short with short arms. Doesn't make all the plays he should, which is frustrating. Have never seen him used in pass coverage. Needs to be a more consistent down-to-down competitor. Has durability issues, missed 2014 with injuries.

The Way We See It

A fourth-year junior and two-and-a-half-year starter for Auburn. His verified measurements at the Combine hurt him. He's under 6-foot-2 with short arms, which rules out being able to play as a DE. Has to be a 3-4 OLB. Injury history is also a concern. Still, Lawson is a solid player who has shown he can rush the passer. Needs to become more of a down after down competitor, but the talent is there to be a good edge pass rusher as an OLB. Size and medical history will get him drafted later than I originally thought, but I still see him as a starter in the league.