Corey Clement
Round 5
Quality Backup

Corey Clement

Running Back
  • Year: Senior
  • Height: 5-10
  • Weight: 220
  • 40-Yard: 4.68
  • Arm: N/A
  • Hand: N/A

Strong Points

Has a thick, strong frame and is a competitive runner. Has good initial quickness to go along with very good vision and instincts. Runs low and with balance and is a good inside runner. Has power and consistently gets yards after contact; can get what is needed in short yardage. Has quick feet and can make cuts in the hole to find a seam. Good hands and can get open on short routes. Willing pass blocker.

Weak Points

Lacks long speed. Not a breakaway runner. Needs work on pass-block technique. Has had some games where he puts the ball on the ground.

The Way We See It

A productive Big Ten power back. The type of player that NFL teams appreciate, and recent production of Badger backs cetainly won't hurt his evaluation. Might not ever be a starter but will be very productive in a rotational role. Is best as a between-the-tackles type where he has quickness to the hole, power and vision. While he might not break many long runs, he will consistently get his three to five yards. Has good hands and can be a reliable short receiver. Needs work on his pass protection. Good special teams potential.