D'Onta Foreman
Round 2
Eventual Starter

D'Onta Foreman

Running Back
  • Year: Junior
  • Height: 6-0
  • Weight: 233
  • 40-Yard: 4.60
  • Arm: N/A
  • Hand: N/A

Strong Points

Great size to go along with very good strength and power. Very good athlete for size with good speed and a burst. Can change direction and has excellent balance. Very good vision, can pick and slide as well as create. Good cutback skills. Consistently gets yards after contact. Very punishing runner. Willing pass blocker.

Weak Points

Not a consistent breakaway threat. Will need work on pass block technique. Not used much as a receiver, may not have real good hands.

The Way We See It

Foreman was all set to workout at Indy when the doctors found a stress fracture in his foot. Now he most likely won't be doing any work for coaches or scouts before the draft. A stress fracture can be bothersome for a running back so it will be interesting to see how high he goes in the draft. As a pure runner, Foreman is one of the best in this draft. He is strong and powerful with very good vision and instincts. Consistently breaks tackles and gets yards after contact. He needs to improve his pass blocking and he was never used much as a receiver, but as a runner he is very valuable. If his foot is OK, he doesn't get out of the second round.